HODINFO is a collaborative think tank/ open science initiative. We are an International group comprised of inventors, scientist, mechanics, tinkerers, fabricators, and out of the box thinkers. Our mission is to find innovative solutions to the problems that primarily limit the production and delivery of H2. As the world starts using hydrogen it becomes clear that immense infrastructure initiatives will be required to make it happen. If adequate solutions can be found to support Hydrogen-On-Demand (HOD) systems then the world can remove great and costly limitations on future applications. The future is not just Hydrogen, it's Hydrogen-on-Demand.

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Should HODINFO continue?

Greetings, Hodinfo is a use it or loose it platform. We currently have 6.59 Gigs of data. But if it is no longer needed it will go away. I…

Started by gabet123 in Everything elseLatest Reply

Post needing an answer

We have page after page of questions needing an answer. Please help to answer these questions. http://hodinfo.com/forum/topic/list?sort=mo

Started by gabet123 in Everything elseLatest Reply

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45 on Monday
Reply by Felix Audet


General Safety information.

86 Sep 7, 2016
Reply by Emil Mihaylov

Ask an Expert!

This is to give our members that have limited experience and hand up. If you have questions or need direction post your questions here. There is no such thing as a stupid question.

232 Feb 2
Reply by Barry Holzsweig

Applications of HHO

Got an idea of a cool application for HHO!

23 Mar 17, 2017
Hydrogen Garage will now take over Klondike Darol Mason's EFIE's and MAF/MAP controllers
by Andrew Batty

Applications of HOD Systems

Got a cool idea of a cool application for HOD systems!

10 Nov 9, 2017
Reply by marthin


This is where you can introduce your self and tell us about how you came about being interested in HHO technology.

51 Oct 29, 2016
Reply by gabet123

Catalyst materials

General catalyst information.

9 Aug 29, 2016
Reply by Howard Phillips

CC HOD Reactors/Generators

Catalytic Carbon Devices.

7 Jun 25, 2017
Reply by gabet123

Deals System

The DEALS system is designed to allow our members to quickly give other members infomation on the latest deals offered to our members by our members. Think of this as free advertising. Format for posting your site. Site name Site link Site Description What discount/deal are you offering to our members. When does this deal expire.

4 Dec 2, 2016
by Barry Holzsweig


General Electrolyte information.

24 Mar 12, 2017
Reply by Felix Audet


Let us know what you are using to enhance HHO output.

80 Dec 21, 2017
Reply by Felix Audet


Employers post your job here.

3 Dec 10, 2017
Reply by gabet123

Everything else

Not quite sure to post your topic? Well put it here for now and we will move it later.

92 Dec 20, 2017
Reply by Felix Audet


If you are new to this technology stop here first and see if the question you have has allready been answered.

4 May 29, 2011
Reply by Pat Johnson

Free HOD Stuff

If you have free HOD stuff to donate to the community please list it here.

1 Jan 20, 2015
Reply by Joacir Antonio Favareto

Fuel Vaporizors

This is where you can post info regarding Fuel vaporization devices.

6 Feb 23, 2016
Advanced Pantone first step for water engine.
by alexis ballesteros

Give Advice (Experienced builders only please)

If your a an experienced builder and have smething to share then post it here.

24 Jun 11, 2015
Reply by Jeremy Dukes

HHO and the Law

What are the laws governing the use and transport of HHO devices in vehicles. Please unless you can back it up with actual legal documents don't post. If you do post please post the legal document also.

10 Aug 5, 2012
Reply by D Richardson

HOD Events

This is to post info about upcoming events and to make suggestions to make the events better.

17 Jul 16, 2017
Reply by charles ware

HHO Heaters

HHO Heaters

2 Mar 9, 2017
Reply by John Dee


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