HODINFO is a collaborative think tank/ open science initiative. We are an International group comprised of inventors, scientist, mechanics, tinkerers, fabricators, and out of the box thinkers. Our mission is to find innovative solutions to the problems that primarily limit the production and delivery of H2. As the world starts using hydrogen it becomes clear that immense infrastructure initiatives will be required to make it happen. If adequate solutions can be found to support Hydrogen-On-Demand (HOD) systems then the world can remove great and costly limitations on future applications. The future is not just Hydrogen, it's Hydrogen-on-Demand.

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Popular mechanics story on HHO

Popular Mechanics has been rather non-receptive to HHO type technology.  But on Mar 30, they ran a story that was fairly positive. click h…

Started by charles ware

0 Apr 13

Hydrogen Garage will now take over Klondike Darol Mason's EFIE's and MAF/MAP controllers

Hello HOD info, We are happy to announce : Hydrogen Garage will now take over Klondike Darol Mason's EFIE's and MAF/MAP controllers sold on…

Started by Andrew Batty

0 Mar 17, 2017

New youtube video to watch : "Viewing The Aether on a Analog Oscilloscope "

Viewing The Aether on a Analog Oscilloscope  Build a "radiant energy" device as in 3 Tesla's patents and add this energy to an HHO cell and…

Started by Andrew Batty

1 Dec 8, 2016
Reply by gabet123

Check out the new web site CVHHO new REV/GPS/NASCAR/Data/and more

Looking for Installers

Started by scott smith

0 Nov 4, 2016

Possible HHO compatible engine

I can see a few simple mods making this engine work with HHO without having to do much.http://www.cyclonepower.com

Started by gabet123

2 Oct 30, 2016
Reply by Tim Dwyer


Interesting results from Australian manufacturer of HHO systems for large trucks.

FREIGHTLINER TEST ON AUSTRALIAN ROADS H2 Fuel Save Test CARBON REDUCTION. of 2 Ton per week on 1 truck. Become complaint without a new Tr…

Started by Peter Jasprizza

10 Oct 4, 2016
Reply by Peter Jasprizza

Hello Fellow HHO manufacturers,

Hello Fellow HHO manufacturers, I recently did a 1 hour presentation on HHO at the 2015 Tesla Tech Conference in New Mexico. 8/31/15 At th…

Started by Andrew Batty

1 Aug 20, 2015
Reply by Jeremy Dukes

Whats the largest LPM unit anyone has used on a smaller vehicle

I was curious about how large of a unit has ever been installed on a smaller 4 or 6 cylinder engine by any of you. I have heard less is bet…

Started by Doug H

10 Aug 29, 2013
Reply by stuart glenister

hho after the turbo

hello everyone. I can not stop thinking for big turbo diesel engines of 12 or 13 liters of truck, I see that it is difficult to make a pro…

Started by javier sanchez

10 Sep 17, 2012
Reply by Barry Holzsweig

New Hydrogen cell tec?

Has anyone heard of a uk company called JUBYCELL ? they are selling and fitting units in uk ,....they give no detailed description of the c…

Started by flyingdoc

3 Nov 22, 2011
Reply by stuart glenister


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