Will I need an EFIE, Pulse Width Modulator (PWM) or MAP sensor enhancer?

Results depend on the vehicle, output of the unit to size of the engine, and amperage required, especially on small engines where amps make more difference. Some get 15-20% savings with a unit alone, many will need electronics. Once too much HHO enters the exhaust, the computer sees it as a lean condition and richens the fuel/air mix. The popular method of combatting this is to change the sensor input to the computer with an EFIE. Secondly, a MAP sensor enhancer will change fuel mix and timing.
A PWM is used for units that eat too many amps to create a given amount of gas. It will chop the voltage into pulses, allowing the gas to be created without the amperage. A more efficient unit is a better and cheaper way to combat this problem. (Thanks Gary for this FAQ)

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Just a point of order to clarify:

It's called an oxygen sensor for a reason - it senses the amount of oxygen in the exhaust!  If there is too much oxygen, the computer compensates for that because it thinks "if there's too much oxygen, there isn't enough fuel to be burned with it; I must maintain 14.7:1 according to the MAF/MAP!" and sends MORE fuel in attempt to compensate, regardless of how well the engine is running.  An EFIE tricks the o2 sensor into thinking that it is sending exactly the right amount of fuel because the amount of oxygen present in exhaust is "perfect", so it must all be getting used up in oxidizing (burning) the fuel.

PWM - the amperage is still there, but it's not a constant drain on the alternator (don't you get burned out quickly when someone is constantly demanding the most out of you, too?).  I should think you can also better control gas production using one...maybe even use circuitry to step up the "12v" from the alternator to something stronger, making for more gas per pulse???

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