ha what a intake heater some cars have a intake heater in the botton of the carb. a plate of scramic to heat up the gasses.
this could be very dangers i belive subures have them i know outher cars use them also this can be effiecting us we will need to check sorry for some posible bad news just thought of this..

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You make a good point Don! I guess it depends on how it warms the intake.

I have a Subaru and I have very good gains with HHO.

Do you have to keep the intake heater off? Or do you have one?

I would keep the heater on to maintain the gaseous state of the fuel .

Its fuel injection as standard so I didn't adjust anything. I have had good results on 5 amps. I tried it on 8 amps and it was noticeably more powerful but economy suffered.

An air inlet heater is only common on carburettor engines. Injector systems don't need it.

Any engine runs better with cold air since it is denser. Inter-coolers was made for this purpose.

Anyhow, you should have gas inlet as close to the inlet valves as possible.

HHO is volatile as well as unstable. Should be put to use without delays.

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