Can anyone that knows give pro and con information on useing pure titainium as one can get to use as plates in a cell ? (pure titainium is easyer to machine than alloys espeshially if it has aluminum in it ,,,springy,,,) thanks joesflashdog

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Pure titanium can only use as the cathode it do help to minimize the creation of Hex. chromium. However not as the anode it was because when we apply current to the anode + it for oxygen production ;The titanium plates were immediate create a thin layer of titanium oxide layer due to oxidization by electrolysis.This thin layer of titanium oxide block the current go through .
That makes sense. The oxidation is greatest where the oxygen is - on the anode.

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Try to fail and not fail to try,I personally try to use titanium on anode.It block current!The titanium oxide block current. The amp drop to nun immediate few seconds after it start.And not much information discuss about this.At the end of the day I use Super Alloy Ni201 as the anode and Neutral plates and the Gr 1 Pure Titanium was use on cathode .The Ni 201 is far too expensive than the titanium and it about 10x more expensive than SS.
Titanium Gr.1 as per ASTM B 265 is the best grade of electrochemical application. It is 99.99% pure titanium & having very good machining and weldable characters.

Velappan Jeyakumar

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