Does any one have a better electrolyte than Sodium Hydroxide (lye)?

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I'm not sure if baking soda produces more than Na OH. I might have tested the output short after putting the BS in the cell. And I might have got the production of Co2 as well frim the soda. I can get a try.bottle of a mix of NaOH and KOH if I want to. Perhaps I'll try that too and let you know.
I have heard that a small amount of vinegar in NaOH willmake gas less explosiv, less energy. Anyone know that is it true?
No I keep it around to wash off the lye with it.I put my hands in it when I'm working in the test bucket and so far it drys them out a little but thats it. I have a bucket of vinger water I raise off with.
I use it to wash things off with when I bring them out of the test bucket, it will delute the lye.
Here is one mix from a lucky bastard from

Here's the specs:
2 SS plates
Elect. Mix = 1 tablespn b.soda, 1 shot glass distilled white vinegar,
1/3 cup %70 isop.alcohol, 2 capfulls hydrogen peroxide.
Copper tubing for both lines (to PCV and Air intake BEFORE MAF).
Tin foil around O2 sensor (only 1 sensor)

Vehicle: 95 ford probe, 2.0L, 5 speed, 4 cyl. 180,000+ miles.

Nysgjerrig? Les dette!
Has anyone used sea water or distilled water with sea salt? If you have what was your results?
and salt and hydrogen makes what?
Chlorine gas!!! Nice :) (ugh)
you get to go to the head of the class LOL
Anyone tried mineral water?

Fatman! said:
you get to go to the head of the class LOL
why would you want minerals in your electrolyte?
There is a HHO gen system on the internet that uses mineral water & distilled water. I forget the web site. Anyway a mechanic shop owner in SA.TX has been testing hho units for months now he wants to sell them to the public, he has his own radio show, he has over 10,000 people on a waiting list,u sign up on his web site. He has been testing the mineral water unit for 2 weeks now. He says it works and is safer to use.

Fatman! said:
why would you want minerals in your electrolyte?

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