Does any one have a better electrolyte than Sodium Hydroxide (lye)?

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Has anyone tried Potassium Hydroxide (KOH)?
I decided on NaOH, simply because it is readily available.It also like KOH, only requires a small amount to get the amps that you want. I use 1/4 tsp in 32 ozs of water and draw about 6 amps cold.
In my opinion, baking soda performs better than caustic soda, Na OH. I get more gas/amp with baking soda! I haven't tried KOH yet.
Baking Soda, while not the best electrolyte, is the SAFEST. If something blows up while you are working on your cell with Baking Soda, no biggy, a little wet and embarrassed. With Lye, KOH and all the caustic chemical electrolyte solutions out there, you just lost your eyesite, or facial burns or whatever. Not worth the extra amps to me.

Besides, with a little experimenting, the right design and S/S you should be able to run a cool cell and with ample amperage. That is my goal. That is what I have seem in my trips to LA when I go to big HHO meetings out there on Saturdays. That is what I am building and striving for.
I was using baking soda but when to NaOH, keeps the cells cleaner and I keep a spray bottle of vinegar handy. I mix up a half a cup to a pint of distilled water and add as I watch my amps , I wait about 5-7 for it to steady itself before adding more. I get it within about 10 - 15% of want amps I want and then let it run a hour or so.Some where I read that baking soda makes co2 and will turn to NaOH in the long run.
Im curious if anyone knows what happens if you use a hydrogen peroxide solution (H2O2) (5, 10, or 20 volume) with sodium-bicarbonate (baking soda)?
I am not sure what I will use . I am afraid to use sodium hydroxide because a lot of engine parts or made of aluminum. see link
Fatman, are you saying that you switched to vinegar? That last video has me worried. It would appear that using NaOH one should be certain to put a dryer in the line. Then there is the question of wether or not the lye would eat the dryer...sheesh.
How did the 3 compare to each other?
I think I will use white distilled vinegar. It looks like it is cleaning my cell from running tap water and bakeing soda. It works good And I am not afraid If you can consume it it cant be all that bad for your cell and your motor. One more thing I like is I got 5% so its like its A ready mix electrolyte. just pore it in and power it up.
On my first cell, I got my "sodas" confused and I used washing soda, CaCO.
I got about 300ml in two minutes @ 10 amps.
I didn't have time to mess around cuz I was on the road next day, but that rudimentary setup lowered my consumption from 22ltrs per 100km down to 13ltrs per 100km, a 41% saving on a 3.9ltr Canter Diesel non turbo.
When I stripped it down just recently, I tested it before disassembly, and I was getting 400ml in 40 seconds, and that equates to 600ml per minute.
I can only assume that this was a result of the pates becoming conditioned.
I intend to try some different electrolytes.
I have some NaOH and will try soon.
Haven't looked for KOH yet (can anyone in Oz point me to a supply?)
I'll post new U tubes when I have something to offer.

Did you check the amperage when you measured 600ml/min? I think that had risen too, But 600ml is very good anyway :)
Im looking into the stability of high volume peroxide (20 or 30) with NaHO (lye) but in theory should be a good producer more HHO with less amp-electrolysis to cause the reaction.

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