Hello, everyone! As true believer in the possibility to use water as main ingredient to replace fuels in actual internal combustion engines I done my part of work and I purchased, designed and manufacture a series of electrolytic cells. I run various tests in various conditions.
After long time I realized that is not possible to replace fuels with oxyhydrogen created by electrolysis with alkaline electrolyte. I was told from beginning that is impossible by many more educated people but I choose to try, based on evidence - even not consistent - from people who lead this "water as fuel" movement.
My experiences lead to conclusion that is not the stoichiometric mixture H2/O2 that is useful.
I study the phenomena from perspective of pessimist "nay-sayers'" and accepted science.
I come with some conclusions and I was "found" by people who come from "other side" but have the will to try to understand why sometimes, in some conditions the results exceed the predictions.
One helped me to published my hypothesis in academic level. Brave guy!
Attached is the document
This indirect confirmation of my hypothesis changed my direction and now I have completed a prototype based on different approach - more likely as the systems that run cars on apparently water as fuel:
Fluids injection.
Or simple said water and ( because I not master yet the technology to split the water into gases without external current - despite that I have set the electrochemical bases of possible unit ) an electrolyte.
The unit looks like well known water/methanol injection kits but run a different fluid - the electrolyte - and have an electrolytic cell attached and a different way to administrate the electrical power.
I have the kit, I solved a multitude of inherent issues ( corrosion, jet distribution, power adjustment, specific working environment protection etc) and now I should test, adjust the parameters and eventual tune the engine to get best possible results.
In theory it have the capacity to work as Pre-Combustion Treatment and commercially have the opportunity to replace Post-Combustion Treatment known as SCR ( aka AdBlue ) for cleaner emission being also a good fuel saver in same time!
I call it REDNOX - a noxe reduction system by redox process.
Attached is a presentation .
I need partners to continue...institutions, persons who have the equipment, knowledge and will to test it.
I not offer free units...I must sell it as a similar water/methanol kit - which it is - but the offer is intended to selected small group and cold at cost price plus an extra OBD2 reader.
Interested parties should sign an NDA and have assured the eventual distribution rights in designed areas once the results will be achieved.
If not works is a nice and different water injection kit.

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I might have an engine / kit control system that might work well for you.. Thx tim huttner

Mr.Huttner, thank you for reply. Please contact me on moldoveanu.marius@qq.com for further details.

I have some issues to use other communications means...including to open this website ..China is less and less "penetrable"... 

What's the electrolyte? How could it damage an engine in a worst case type of malfunction? How is that failure mode prevented from occurring?

I'm intrigued by your concept but I assume the fuel savings comes from simply using less fuel (lean-burn) and dealing with the resulting increased NOX and heat issues with your "new approach". Please correct me where I'm wrong or explain better what it's purpose is and how it achieves that purpose.

Attached are two pictures with a piece of Aluminum hold on Cu electric wire and immersed in one of my electrolytes  ( on NDA I will explain in detail ..there are several possible electrolytes and this one of the reasons that is why I open this ..to complete the experiments and find partners for my proposed technology)

the pics

I have troubles seeing this website ( a myriad others) so..not know if all my replies will be displayed.

To Mr.Carlson Trevor: All savings come from lean mixture! Fuel is saved when stay in tank and desired work is done  with less volumes than originally values. Not mean the values by design - the actual set-ups and working conditions are the base line.

To achieve that one should replace the fuel with something else or improve the energy conversion process ( not necessarily improved combustion of a fuel will lead to fuel savings).

Adding Hydrogen in certain value may improve combustion of fuel but will most probably increase the NOx, at least.

Replacing the fuel with H2 is not yet economically viable option and not a long term technical solution without some significant engine modifications.

Adding an electrolytic gas to a fuel it may be a better solution - but is not due strict thermal energy content of the "additive".

Combustion of a fuel ( oxidation of a  matter ) is not exploited well by piston type so called ICE.

Engines are better pressure to kinetic converters than temperature to kinetic converters.

Sure, pressure and temperature are related but today engineering make pressure from heat instead heat from pressure!  

The byproduct of combustion are large gas volumes and heat.

If increase the heat the fuel will not "saved" , engine life reduced and NOx will appear.

Life span,  emissions should be also a concern.

Actual engines are controlled by ECU to run in some parameters...even with a perfect fuel ( a mixture able to release large volumes  of gases and/or steam at right time with right propagation speed without thermal looses) engines need to "learn" to use that fuel.

Modification of not enough or not corroborated sensors may lead to worse situation.

Right tuning for such  fuel  may exceed input range of values of  ECU's algorithms.

This is why I'm here now. I had proves that conversion of NOx into an explosive is possible and reusing it will solve all the issues : fuel consumption, PM and NOx emission.

I have a device that may do that "electro-alchemy" need partners with more knowledge on engines in all aspects than me - able and ready to run some tests.



Congratulations on your paper Marius!!  You have many interesting, creative ideas but it is just speculation unless they can be structured in a form suitable for some sort of paper or monograph.

Thank you Mr.Ware.

My hypothesis were structured ...by a phD...that presentation is only a part.

I come now here to ask for help to complete the work.

I still wait ....but not sleep...I already run a verification test already...is promissing, considering improper conditions.


By now everything I imagined and I  draw it, I build it! Is still not enough..

Is still a long way up to a viable technology and a  series of products that may work ..plug and play.

 In this stage any help in the fields that are not my strongest points are welcome.


No one interested? I still wait..

No one really interested!? I guess everyone think that he can do it alone! Keep secrecy and stay on forums to watch "competition" and eventual to learn something! News from my system, the one that need to be tested on cars, tuned and eventual optimized: It make electrolysis of Ammonia ( even Urea ) without expensive electrodes and catalysts.

AdBlue on intake as potential fuel saver? Same cost on pre combustion treatment instead on post combustion treatment..

It may be..

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