While LEAD might have it's benefits, there are some potentially serious problems to consider.

My landlord recently informed me that his son's friend acquired LEAD POISONING, and doesn't have much of a chance to live it's so bad.

Apparently, he inhaled it. I assume it was the dust from grinding it into shape and/or using a torch to melt it for molding.

Either way, if you DO fool around with LEAD, immediately go to the hospital if you have ANY stomach cramps, fatigue, or unusual symptoms.

I had LEAD poisoning (occupational exposure) some years ago. I was treated with a drug called Calcium EDTA. If you go this route, may sure the pharmacist gives you the proper dosage. It seems there are some pharmacists that don't want to give you what the doctor orders or what the AMA book says to.

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Yes please listen to Zolar Just don't mess with the stuff. We can make HHO without messing with lead.

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