I'm having a lot of trouble finding a suitable U core for my VIC. (please see pictures) Basicly i've been using what I can find (see my pictures under my projects) to replicate Stan's vic, but i'd much rather replicate it as closely as possible to what Stan built him self. I will attach the picture with the size of the core necessary. It needs to function between 0 and 10khz. If anyone has any input I would appreciated it


ps- I will give out all of the measurements of Stan's coils and cell to the person who can find me a suitible core or has to ability of custom manufacturing in low quantity.  

Thanks in advance

David Bixler

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David, We have used silicone steel, the toroids we buy are made from this material, I believe it's .010" thick

this will handle 10Khz no prob. we used double sided tape to stick it down & CNC to profile. We have only 2" wide in stock.

Not that it follows Stan, I have seen steel banding material used in strapping shipping boxes, wrapped round & round, or should I say through & through bobbins to make custom transformers. ferrite is more fragile.

Regards Peter

Peter, that core could possibly work but I have a bunch that could work. I'm looking to replicate Stan's core as closely as possible. 

Gabe, They look like they only deal in coils but I will check into them. What I really need is the core

Thanks for the responses guys 

David, taking another look it appears the Left core is segmented, the dwg shows .423" width but the bobbin shows .675" this would give you a but joint in the center!... Take 1/2" steel banding material and just cut 2 different lengths, each 1/2" shorter than total length / width, stack these in alternate layers so all joints are covered with the next layer, epoxy will hold it all together, imagine just the long side, both ends would look like a comb, a hole in each piece on one end only, slide the two comb ends together & put bolt through holes, this way you end up with 4 ridged sections that can be disassembled. magnetically it would be hard to beat, cost is right.


custom ferrite U cores here!


post or message if you are interested. Cost will be $110 before shipping. The perm is 3000

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