Catalytic Carbon PR11 Press Release new concepts and ACE cell.

I have been in talks with Howard Phillips whose team continues to innovate at a rapid pace. This most recent chat resulted in HODINFO members being the first to learn of a new concept and a new cell design. If your looking for a new direction to test I would suggest you soak up as much of this info as you can. Please see attached PR11 file or follow the link for it below and then follow the link to the ACE cell. 

Methods and systems for producing hydrogen.pdf (patent)

Methods and systems for producing hydrogen.docx (patent)

Howard Phillips catalytic carbon data archive (Data)

Ace cell research (research)

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Allan Wells said:

Hi there Jessee and all members, Happy New Year to everyone. How's the manufacturing going Jessee and has anyone redesigned the ace 2 cell, that will share the design and what about that new flashback arrestor ? Any news of licencing ?


Allan Wells.

Allan Wells said:

Jessee McBroom said:

Yes Martin. The electrodes are wasted in that respect. They are just converted into another form of iron which has a substantial market value and use as a Nano particulate, worth as much as it was in its original form of steel roll metal. It is my intention to manufacture and market the ACE Cells Allan. I am working on that as we speak. BTW, I mentored the crew of students in India as a favor to a gentleman there who licensed the technology from Howard.

Thanks Jessee, i seem to recall that Howard made this freely available. Will you need a licence, as the gentleman in India ??

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