What do you guys do in the event of the computer resetting your adjustments through an efie? What types of vehicles have these problems?

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Most fuel injected systems have this problem. To reset the error code, some guys have been disconnecting their battery or removing power to the ECU in some other way.

I should clarify myself. People have been getting gains with an HHO cell and an EFIE, but after some time, the ECU spits out an error code and all gains are lost.
You can reset your ecu by disconnected it from the battery but that is impractical to do over and over. I am looking for different solutions as im sure some of you are too. its usually the 96 and above with obd2 that are having this problem. I have seen some guys put a relay switch to the ecu so every time the ignition is off it turns off the ecu completely. Someone also told me when you install the efie to input your extra signal through the 02 ground wire instead of the ecu in wire. Any of you who are doing this please update on what your experiences are.

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