For all who have thought about buying an hho system but were afraid it would be too complicated, you can now re-think your fears. After 8 years, I have developed a system that installs in less than one hour. You need only a pair of scissors and a 10mm wrench.

There are no more secrets about how to produce hho. There are different forms of Brown's Gas but they all work pretty much the same way. Some are more efficient than others we have found.

Our system draws less than one amp of current to increase mpg on a 3 liter engine 25+%. For a 6.5 liter engine the amp draw is 2.4. Impressive.

This video link shows how it's installed and how it affects your engine.

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It has taken 2 years to discover how hho works in engines to improve mileage and reduce exhaust emissions. Everyone seems to have a different thought. This Yourtube link to a 4 min video I made, is the result of testing exhaust temperature differences, 5 gas analyzer tests, particulate matter tests and road tests. 

I appreciate any comments or feedback on our work.

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