Global Hydrogen Technologies NEWS Progress Energy Endurance Tests (Info Release)

Global Hydrogen Technologies has completed endurance testing of their

Mark 6 units on Progress Energy lift trucks. The units have been installed for two years on a couple of trucks and continue to perform as expected.


  These test rigs have not been MPG tests per se, as they are bucket trucks

and spend the great majority of their time parked with the engine running

to power the bucket and accessories. So while they are parked they obtain

Zero MPG and run time is not calculated or tracked.


  Nevertheless, the report from the crew is that in instances where the truck had to go out of town or out of state for storm damage repair to power lines,the trucks would travel in caravan and the truck with the GHT system would not have to refuel when ALL the other trucks would run out. That truck was usually found to still have a ¼ tank left. This provided an indication of MPG benefits, which are normal.


  GHT produces the advanced design “Uberdrycell” which is patent pending

for its’ technological enhancements. The Uberdrycell is a high grade, industrial strength unit that obtains a high efficiency rating and produces results with very low amperage draw.


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sounds good for hho

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