hhhn  is not only more powerful but it is also a volume increase the hydrogen seperates from the dipole nitrogen and any hydrogen that is free floating attach to nitrogen leaving the o2s to see just what we want it to. To understand it fully you must think outside the box . What is the true purpose of hhhn or hho it is not to run the car it is to change the fuel to burn quicker cleaner and yes cooler. Take a true hydrocarbon and hit it with a oh radical and it will shatter meaning youve made twice the fuel .The more of the big chains of true hydrocarbons the easier it is to shatter the carbons but we must also have enough hyd to fill back the carbons ends. This is where the ammonia comes into the picture. Always remember we want the good hyd meaning spinning the same way . The hyd will try to pare up quickly but the odd ball hyd will hook up to the oxyg making us a true radical which is what we need to crack the fuel.The only ways to crack fuel are pressure, heat , vacum, tension changing and hydrogen oxygen radicals with a catalyst. This is what we are doing and when we thermal catalyst crack with all the above youve built a refinery on wheels .Remember the engine does not need a fuel ratio of 14.7 to 1 as old timers were taught gas is different in a liquid form. Think ac vacum is liquid and pressure is gas Ive ran a 350 chev engine upto 150 to 1 so think outside the box. to lean can be done but when you understand the mixtures of true hydrocarbons you will succed. I will be coming out with a fuel reformer soon and it will amaze everyone . And for the ones asking about the ammonia it is not in the bubbler its in the cell it takes elec to break the bonds so we can recombine to hydrocarbons. For the ones that dont believe I want you to think a couple minutes and let this set in crude oil is thick how do you think we get gasoline or dsl out of it/? The answer is simple we crack it with hyd steam and a catalyst. Now if we can do this then what makes you think that we cant take gasoline or dsl and make even lighter fuel? They meaning the oil co have done the hard part so we start with that cleaner fuel now about what there putting into our fuel this can be beat but we must burn and controll the fuel in small quantaties to eleminate the coking build up they want us to have. Who do you think makes the fuel cleaners oil co and dont forget it comes from crude also . They have a win win bit not for long.  Dan Merrick

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I did it

The output in the beginning was great . I get (3 h + 1 n + 1 o)
After some time I get both hhhno + hho

=  5 h + 2 o + 1 n   vs   hho = 4 h + 2 o

My saving  was about 36% 

I  know this is an old thread but I've seen one of the few videos on an hhhn cell and I want to know if you wire up the motorcycle battery the same way as a regular hho cell. Is there a converted involved?

I have most of the pieces on order to build an hhhn set but I would love to see an hhhn wiring diagram that includes that pwm (that would only be set to 2-3 amps). Thanks. 

I drive 120 km a day and need to reduce my fuel. 

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