I need help here. I'm almost done with my cast resin HHO container, and the bubbler comes next.

I'm thinking of a bubbler where the HHO pushes the water up a tube, and there's a part in the tube with a larger section which slows down the upward movement of the HHO/H2O mix. The large droplets fall back, but the vapors and HHO then proceed upwards to the engine.

This would be an evolution from the Fozzy & Christer vaporizers but using HHO to propel the water vapor, and I would need your ideas on how to make this possible. I'm planning to make this a cast resin form for ease of manufacture, with the goal of making this available to third world countries also.

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@ Fozzy

Regarding so call HHO oxyhydrogen mixture and water is not so sure that will not re-combine. I made some tests...then searched and study...2 H2 and O2 is our gas. Why not recombine in H2O2 and H2? Hydrogen Peroxide is acid and decompose with thermal energy equivalent of entire Hydrogen content. Release water and Oxygen. The gas I produce is cold and have  pH 6-6.5 on paper and 7 on electronic pH meter. I collect some gas in a PET with pH paper on the hose and I ignite it. The paper get red spots! Than is encouraging me to consider the Hydrogen Peroxide emerged from electrolytic gases call HHO as responsible for all "ab-normal" effects of this. Formation of H2O2 is endothermic reaction and can occur as water and Oxygen reaction over Nickel surface ( most probably at proper temperature  - to not instantly decompose - may be collected ) or under electrolysis of water with oxygen infused at cathode.

That lead to other possible type of fuel saver based on water ...:-) 

@ Skysabre : In a bubbler like yours if environment is slight acid and proper temperature - eventually with some Nickel there may get H2O2 vapors. 


Electrolytic gases and water injection is for sure the solution for the best results with this technology.

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