Looking to use an oxygen or hydrogen sensor for HHO gas engine applications. This sensor would read volume of HHO being delivered which then could be used to adjust an EFIE accordingly. Does anyone have any ideas???

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This question must have gotten over looked I will blast it out to the membership.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2GYP2GYE5cI use my cell phone to adjust the fuel and the HHO delivered to engine. Check the video below

Nice thought.

O2 sensors sense a lean condition in exhaust gasses. They must be at operating temps- between 250 and 350 degrees F before they work as designed (that's why the engine runs at higher rpm wen it's cold- the O2 sensors haven't warmed up to send signals to the ECU so the ECU gives the engine full rich mixture which makes idle rpm high). Temperature of the exhaust plays a role in determining how much they regulate the ECU. When they determine a lean condition, they drop voltage to the ECU in millivolts. When the ECU sees the drop it tells the fuel injectors to stay open longer to richen out the mixture. The O2 sensors measure too much oxygen in the exhaust or too little. They have nothing to do with measuring hho. True, hho makes the mixture leaner so the O2 sensors must be dealt with through an EFIE or SAM.

I can't see how they could be used to measure and meter hho. Good luck

The O2 sensor is really a "FUME SNIFFER" . It senses a smelly fumey gas/air mix ONLY. To explain " A mechanic hooked up several different kinds of O2 sensors to a  "Air Fuel Ratio" gauge. He had a bottle of OXYGEN and a gas soaked rag, the only thing that made the O2 sensor jump was the gas rag, the OXYGEN tank did nothing to the O2 sensor in a plastic bag, the needle did not even move, the gas rag pegged the meter.  So you need a "Klondike Darol" O2 sensor adjuster EFIE or try a VOLO-FS2 - only $89.95. It saves you fuel in a 1/2 hour install. HHO install takes 8 hours and you make not see gains, due to the car, truck's ECM.

Now a HHO cell works best a one constant rate, adjusting the gas output of an HHO system, also regulates the gas quality your cell is making. At Hydrogen Garage we focus on making 100% ortho hho, that form of HHO that bonds to carbon like glue and helps complete the burn and blows up the carbon chains in the cylinders, no more wasted fuel down the exhaust manifold. You burn all the fuel you purchase, that is how you SAVE On fuel. Diesel sees the best results, due to more carbon in the fuel.

We are licensed to sell Bob Boyce™'s 1981 Gag Ordered Patent - "Sealed, series H2O cell design" Gag ordered due to proving 120% over unity by his added toroids and circuit. He wished he would have not added the toroid part, so he could have a researchable patent. For many do not believe Bob, until you meet him face to face and ask him the questions you might have, for he can answer most all your questions. A genius level guy, with a heart and no ego. Hard to find in this life. He is a rare case. If your into HHO, go listen to Bob and learn a lot. A re-tired DOD scientist, chemist, quantum physicist, non-hertzian buff. Go look him up.

Andrew - HydrogenGarage.com

I used to work for Bosch in Germany for 7 years as a factory rep. I have been in the plant where O2 sensors are made. How they work can be summed up like this: Inside a small chamber there is a small heater that is maintained hot with a low voltage source (like 5 volts dc). A tube insulated from the heater, but placed around it, is covered with platinum. The resistance of the platinum varies with the presence of oxygen. Each end of the tube is connected to wires. The tube has a resistance that if connected to a resistor forming a voltage divider would output a voltage that is proportional to the amount of oxygen present. This results in an increase in voltage being sent to the ECU or a decrease in voltage sent to the ECU.

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