How can we convert Para-Hydrogen into the more effective Ortho-Hydrogen, before we inject it into the Engine ?

Would it help to heat the Hydroxy Gas with Exhaust Heat ( Heat-Exchanger) before feeding it into the Engine ?

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Do MMO plated Titanium Electrodes make a higher percentage of Ortho-Hydrogen than 316L Electrodes ?

Or can we add something into the Electrolyte to improve the Ortho/Para Ratio in our HHO Gas ?

Adding thermal energy does help to increase energy yield of hydrogen but only by a relatively small margin. By using ionizing processes on the hydrogen you can create a monatomic state, which is unstable in nature and has a 3:1 energy yield over the diatomic counterparts.  

Could the Use of destilled ionized Water help to create the more active monatomic Hydrogen ?
also i heard using solar distilled water helps increase energy of hydrogen.

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