How can we seperate Hydrogen and Oxygen in our Dry-Cells the easy Way ?

To By-pass all the problems with Computer Sensors. we could inject only Hydrogen into the Engine.

But what is the best way for the Separation ?

Seperate the Gas inside the Dry-Cell with special Gaskets or can it be done also in side the Bubbler ?

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Does anybody did test if really by using only hydrogen will help to solve problem with O2 censor?

Irgo, yes it does help solve the problem with O2 sensors but the gains are limited and the quality of gas made by almost all the reactors on the market that are splitters have a high parahydrogen content.  Because of this and other problems in most vehicles the gains are limited or have none at all.  The people reporting large gains have either made a mistake, do not know how to measure the gain or are stretching the truth in most cases.    

h2 157 kj/gr

hho 579 kj/ grs

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