How to prevent corrosion on the Positive Electrode Plates and the negative side of the Neutral Plates ?

Corrosion is forming on the Electrolyte Flow-Ports in the Electrode Plates, which are fitted in staggered formation.

The best solution could be ? Without reducing the HHO Output of the Generator.

1. Increase the Spacing inbetween the Electrode Plates ?

2. Increase the Thickness of the Plates ?

3. Add extra Neutral Plates ?

4. Apply protective Coatings to the Electrode Surface ?

5. Use Titanium Plates as Negative Electrodes ?

6. Any other Ideas ?



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I have not had this issue with any kind of buildup. I am using 302SS plates and my spacing is about 10,000. The plates are tarnished, but never any buildup. I use distilled water with KOH as my electrolyte.

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