Hydrogen gas trial in western Sydney could unlock $1.7bn in renewable exports

Wow looks like Australia is stepping it up a little. 


Thanks to Jason Albrecht for the heads up.

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Is this hydrogen made from methane?

The .01% elite all want to invest into Hydrogen tanks, that you still have to pay more per gallon that gasoline or diesel. Yes it will be super clean and no carbon in the formula, but the .01% elite who will control it all. You could make you own H gas at home, but they will OUTLAW that move some how.

It is best to make the HHO gas on demand. Make up the deuterium atomic level of gas that is 4x;s to 10x;s more powerful that tank hydrogen an air ( 78% nitrogen) HHO gas on demand is totally frowned upon by the controlling .01% George Sorrows type or Eugenics officer Bill Gates of Hell, the Agenda 21 and 30 flag waiver.

Sorry to sound negative. I would like to see FREE distilled water as the fuel, no carbon in the formula.

Andrew from HydrogenGarage.com, Waterpoweedcar.com, HydrogenTrucker.com and WaterSmacker.com

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