To All Our Members,

I will pay for three memberships for any three individuals, groups or Companies that have made significant contributes to this site in the past year or two. I'm open to nominations, suggestions and reasonable pleas. Simply let me know about your basic developments, involvements and contributions to the hydrogen industries and or this HHO Info Forum, and I will pay your membership fee.

Glenn P DeRosa

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the people that really contribute don't need help. they are known by the interaction number. i would thank you for the offer. It would be better used for the newbes. this is only my vote. We need the new people to learn and understand what hho has to offer.

Hey Glen,


Thanks for the offer but we are in the process of rewarding the members that have contributed. Like Don said we have something called the interaction number. You can look here to see the reward structure. 

It is calculated manually so it takes a while but we are doing it.


Mr. DeRosa, generous offer! :)

Nice work also.

Take a look to my albums, I may have interesting components - if not whole system to offer. Designed by a user, made for automotive environment! Slim, easy to install, robust and durable! New - as concept - flame arrester with vaporization function, safe electrolyte..  Electronic controller will be posted soon! Water injection add-on available...with all modesty probably one of the best until now at low budget! 

Distributors wanted!

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