Introductory Price for new Fuel Genie Systems Save over $100

Fuel Genie Systems proudly introduces the latest models of its fuel saving systems. Pictures have been uploaded to the main page.

Starting May 5th, anyone wishing to purchase one of the new systems will receive a 30% discount if you tell us you learned about us on the hodinfo web site.

Retail price is $383 and $393 for the Marathon and Slim models respectively. You pay only $268 and $275 respectively. Free shipping anywhere in the US.

Everything you need for an installation is included in the kit. You may need an EFIE device. Check with us before you buy.

$5.00 from each kit sold will be donated to the hodinfo web site to help keep the free flow of ideas open to the public.

This offer will expire on June 5th. For more information You can also purchase these systems from any of our distributors or installers. See Distributors/Installers tab.

It is our hope that those purchasing these systems and see first hand how easy they are to install and how rugged and durable they are will become installers and distributors themselves and can earn serious money for an hours' work.

I can be reached at 1-866-209-6682.  

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There is no need to donate to HODINFO. We do appreciate the thought though.


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