Ionizing the NI to blend with HH from Split gas cell and inject with megasquirt

Ionizing the NI to blend with HH from Split gas cell and inject with megasquirt

Here is the Simple formula 
"WATER FILLED" Split = ((H+Ni ((Ionized + Charged via air intake /Gas processor ))

= "AMMONIA FUELED" + O (injected) + spark) =BANG 

The only by-products are water vapor and nitrogen gas "Stanley Meyers".

it has huge volume expansion on combustion more than just HH & O

The Parts are on Website we will advance further to simplify kits.
the parts we have no one else has 
1 Split gas titanium Cell that runs on 24 volt 10 amps
2 Mega squirt fuel injection with android tablet tuning app 
3 gaseous injectors parts. 
4 nitrogen ionizer for air in take to have + charge on gas ni
5 Venturi vacuum valve for high vacuum placement of hho fed to inlet  manifold. 

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Buyers Access Tech now on your mobile or Tablet

I do believe that water fueled car - Meyer or Dingle - not run on large volumes of Hydrogen produced by some magic methods.

Indeed exhaust gases and/or ionized intake air, various allotrope forms of water and some oxyhydrogen and will form nitrous / nitric / nitrates explosives ..add PCV oil fumes and no need fuel from tank.

But looking at the pictures ( a PCB and a Nitrous injection pro system - not related to the post ..just some images that may look like claimed system) I have a I make a mistake to say hello to Alessandro ( Daniel Donatteli ??) ! :-)

Ok. A panel full of pictures...I think you try to show the connections between Meyer's system and the hypothesis of Ammonia generation ansd you call Nitrogen "NI" your confusing description...

Yes, Nitrogen ionization - imballanced dinitrogen N2 from intake due various techniques like laser or Meyer / corona discharge etc or from exhaust - along with Nitrogen oxides - will react with ionized water and electrolytic gases ( under pressure and ionic field induced by spak plugs) to produce an explosive mixtures - including  ammonia.

Indeed this is the way to replace carbon oxidation as source or instant pressure at demand in order to push the piston and have motion at similar power with apparently just water and electricity input.

I work on this way for long time..and I can confirm ammonia smell on electrolytic gases mixed with exhaust gases generated by a alkaline oxyhydrogen generator.

But gases are not enough ..need large volumes to replace the fuel combustion - ionized water and ionized nitrogen is the way..Hydrogen is just the ignition cap ...

Hi Really

the picture is the messy one as I got asked to expand the drawing to include reference to Meyer

Great Comment you can find we can do this with low pressure low heat with laser chemistry

THe Real Gain we have made are with Split gas Titanium Cell and Connecting to Megasquirt injection

we are first to do that.


Ni is nickel N is nitrogen...

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