I have completed the passivation according to Reg (HHO Research) and now running the activation run. I have noticed a few things. Note: I have not been working seriously in this business for too long...trying to catch up and I have a lot to do before I get this solar hydrogen rig up and running.
Here is the link for the passivation procedure shet: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1A1U3taekgloAkZ_chJCYF8rObBb4srBnc...
Issue number 1:
Apparition of the oxyde after barely 1/2h run:
2hrs run:

I conclude that going through all these steps with citric acid, temperature control process and flowing some oxygen looks like it is a bit of a waste of time unless I have done it wrong. I even made a special flow path system in order for the fluids to circulate evenly on all plates that involved a different way of connecting the hoses. Here is the cell during the operation:

This sure looks messy but trust me there was no other way to get the job done, 
>>here is the theory I had to figure out:
In below figure is a representation of the flow path of the circulation of the passivation mix if I was to leave the hoses connected the usual way. What you see in the center is a manifold plate of my invention, if you don't get the idea, I can send you a drawing of the part.
As you can see, the passivation mix comes straight out and does not circulate due to resistance factors increase by having to go through all the little holes in the plates therefore the fluids taking the path with less resistance hence coming straight out as it comes in.
This is what I obtained by reshuffling the hoses around

As you can see, the fluid does circulate evenly through the whole stack. The fluids are forced to go across the stack.
It's no rocket science however, this is why I had to invalidate my first passivation run as I figured it was done wrong.
Issue number 2:
Now, get this. This is where it's getting weird, nothing to do with the passivation, there is something seriously out of whack in the stack. I'm running power through the cell:

Here are the amp readings of each individual power plates:

Clearly, the cells toward the center are not receiving power. The middle ones only 50% and the outer ones seems to be 100%. I could verify by feeling the stack warming up only on the outside. My electrical headers are very solid and evenly built, solidly connected to the PSU. The fluid mechanics inside the cell are relatively flawless as we spent a long time on that level when we designed it. The catalyst was pre mixed and was also evenly diluted in the electrolyte. This cell has not shown any similar issue in the past, always had consistant and even readings between the cells. I'm gutted, no idea what's happening, if one of you have an idea let me know.
Apart from that, all is good...
Kind regards.
[^] PanTechnical inc.

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I have measured the resistance of the 2 centre cells that are "zero load" (no idea if they are producing or not but in theory they aren't) and I have 7Mohms. The others are giving us a reading of 3Mohms.

It looks like where you have you images stored is no longer working.

Yes they are

Well I can't see them on my end.

I can confirm the images don't appear in the US.  The process of passivating and/or electropolishing stainless steel makes it more resistive to current flow.  If you use the typical drycell/ +NNNNNN- setup you're going to get very little action, and need to use even more electrolyte.

I'm a fan of a full parallel setup myself, especially if you're going to passivate.  You need a minute fraction of the electrolyte used with typical dry cell setup so there is less caustic/acidic action on the steel.  You can also then actually use vinegar properly, and that's what I do.  With vinegar each 12-14V parallel will pull 2 amps, so if you wanted to run 15 amps just run 7-8 cells.  

For a given amount of watts, less amps and more volts will lead to less steel corrosion.  I think the hydrogen community has had it backwards and has failed to excel past what Faraday postulated to be best back in his day.  I've had astounding results with a heated wet cell. 

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