Since late August, I've been testing a low neutral plate cell. I started with +NN-NN+ using only 0.2g NaOH per liter of water. Observed good temp stability, good current stability, but brown sludge formed too soon. This is what's in my truck right now, and I'm taking it down despite the dramatic mileage improvements in combination with H2O.

Now moving up to three neutral plates +NNN-NNN+. I noticed better resistance to sludge forming, but it happens after 18 hours of continuous run. This is still a low caustic cell, using 0.8g NaOH per liter of water to draw 5.5 amperes. Stable temp and current draw over time. I will post pictures and results next week.

Right now, my main problem is sourcing the right SS material. I'm using T-304SS made in China, and that was the best available here. I've found a T-316, still made in china, but it may or may not do better. Chinese made SS plates seem to suffer from inconsistent metallurgical composition, so my test results are not reliable. But I'm going ahead anyway.

If anybody wants to try this out, it would be better for the project so that we can compare notes.

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With such few neutral plates, your voltage per cell is too high. That brown sludge is a result. I recently saw  a man named Hans who uses 42 plates to achieve what you are trying. the only way is to increase the amount of surface area to be able to 'lessen' the electrolyte and current draw; he claims 20 amps for 3LPM. (From my experience this sounds correct and feasible just expensive)


For plates and gaskets I have 316L spares - and molded gaskets. Have over 15k miles with no corrosion visible, and about 50 or so plates left. Let me know ;)

man, 2 year old thread....

I'm back to 5 neutral plates.  

Have a surface Treatment done too your Electrode Plates.  Try " Armoloy Coating " ( 60 Degree Process ).

                                                                                           Or try " Titanium Nitride Coating "

This anti-corrosion Technologies should help you to stop the sludge forming.

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