Measure energy yield for eight different studies of effect of HHO on Diesel

On my website , I have posted a paper for a couple of years where I figured out energy yield (the additional amount of energy per gram of hydrogen)  for the 1977 NASA study and a Diesel engine test done by Fran Giroux at Fox Valley Technical College in Oshkosh WI.

I have updated this paper.  It includes 8 evaluations, all done on Diesel engines to study effect on engine fuel efficiency of oxyhydrogen mixture produced by water electrolysis. I list maximum and average energy yield in the paper but xls files showing work have all been uploaded.  Point is, a some of the yield values (not all) were not too good and would not indicate that increase in efficiency is enough to be cost effective.  Just because a paper shows an increase in efficiency doesn't validate use of HHO to reduce fuel costs on a vehicle.

Other point is the wide range of values, (about 180 fold difference between largest and smallest average) would suggest that maybe the amount of additional energy produced does not have much to do with the amount of hydrogen injected. So then, perhaps another factor is involved which is not clearly identified.

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Thanks for posting this. All research is needed even if it is not positive results. I agree that there might be another factor that needs to be understood at a greater depth. Luckily the community has people like you to question results and try to find what questions we need to be asking.

Interesting info. it could be that the systems they are using is not producing browns gas but rather the more stable H2 O2 just an observation. 

On many of these evalautions, it isn't stated whether there was any additional treatment of the gas flow such as running it through a drying tube of desicant ( "Dry Rite" or calcium chloride).  A scientist might think, "We're doing a mass flow measurement so it would be good to eliminate the humidity, one less variable that would effect measurement."  But that might totally kill the "HHO" effect. It requires a rather different mind set from the conventional rationale to properly test HHO.

Talked to Fran Giroux recently who is enjoying retirement. He did the original tests at UNOH and FVTC described in the paper above.   His web site went off-line in early 2017.  Links on this paper have been changed to the web archive.

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