Hello All, Happy new year. I want to build a system to use with my Citroen C5 1.6 HDI. I have been given a Hydrotechnix DC-1204-30 Voltage to current converter that I would like to use to control the cell. The Specs are as follows:-

Input Voltage                            10 - 15 Volts

Adjustable Output Current          28A - 32A DC (Nominal 30A)

Output Voltage                          3.5V - 4.8V (Nominal 4V)

Current Ripple                           5% (Maximium)

This unit I beleave is a constant current style pulse width modulator. This unit cannot be used with nutral plate generators ie: +nnn- , I have been in touch Hydrotechnix and they have suggested a 4 plate 2 cell configuration eg: +-|+- using 100mm square 2 mm thick 316 ss plates with a gap of 2mm between the plates. I would however prefer to use Titanium as it gives a better quality gas.

Any advice would be welcome please

Thank You 

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It is the KOH that is in the gas that is cumulating in the bubbler.

Mark Vincent said:

PS have just taken my system off line after 10.5 hours still just running warm no steam.

Just one other question I have just emptied the bubbler of water should it feel slimy to the touch or have I got something wrong?

Thanks Again

Thank You for the replies. I was looking a using titainium for the plates a one point but found it to expensive as I am unemployed at the moment.

Up[ date cell, header tank, bubbler, flash back arrester, all wiring and maf/map enhancer now enstalled in the car. All running fine eccept the maf/map censor which causes the engine management light to come on this I beleave is due to the car having an EGR valve fitted to it and the maf/map enhancer cause the ERG valve to shut down when I try to reduce the amount of air being measured by the maf sencor. Has anyone else had this problem?

Update The system has now been running in my car for about 6 weeks and all is fine. The electrolite is still clear has not gone brown. The exhaust was spitting out very black water but this has also cleared and I have blocked of the EGR Valve more improvement as now only taking in clean air and HHO gas. Citroen say that the car should do about 45MPG Urban but I am now getting around 74.8 MPG Urban yet to take the car on a long run hopefully later this month. Next item to save for and get is a chip tuning device hope to have that mapped for maximum fuel efficiency as at 61 I am not longer interested in booting it from A to B so performance is not an issue.

Will keep you posted

Hi All. Here's an update the system has now been in my car for a few months now and I am very pleased with it. Fuel consumption hasd gone down fron 45 MPG to 62.8 MPG urban and 62.8 mpg to 80.4 motorway. On the smoke test for the MOT the emissions have dropped from 2.47 Opacity Mean Value [m-1] to 1.33 and engine torque have improved. I am almost certain that this can be improved on with an ECU remap. Any thoughts pleased.

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