" VED" New energy solution.
Process of explosions and electrical discharges that happens on the sun, which provides energy for life on our planet give us an idea. 
We did a bit of sun in the laboratory, under controlled conditions, and connect chemical elements which in nature do not interact with each other. 
Reaction is mission impossible.
In this way we have created a previously unknown mineral and gave him the name "VED".
Crystal structure is unknown. 
Analysis of the spectra and chemical analysis does not give any result, even of used items.
After get " VED", we make mechanical crushing and make fine dust powder, ready to use. 
VED is a replacement for all existing types of known fuel on the planet.
VED make reaction for second, for all down mention applications we tested: 
VED + water = hydrogen + energy + drinking water
VED + manure  / 7 billion people on the planet + animals  / = hydrogen + drinking water + organic fertilizer for agriculture
VED + any type of water / sea water / = hydrogen + energy + drinking water
VED + CO2 + water = Ch4 + drinking water + energy
VED + existing bio gas reactor = CO + H2 + Q4 gas ready for use and artificial fertilizer or solid organic material for further processing
 VED used in the reactions are easy, cheap, fast returning to its original shape, after the completion of the reaction, whereby energy is released again.
Using it is simple, does not require a special equipment.
Replaces all existing energy sources:
- Oil,
- Gas
- Solar
- Wind parks
- Atomic reactors
- Not mentioned energy sources ...
Not toxic,
Not radioactive,
Not soluble in water.
VED has already been used, can be used several times. Again and again. Maybe forever. 
Our life is to short to prove it. 
You will say this: too good to be true, but it's true.
All rights: Emissio-Gen llc 
With best regards Mr. Vuk Vlahovic INVENTOR 

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