I was made aware that now there is a retail source of Catalytic Carbon.

You can buy it here.


Catalytic Carbon is one of the most interesting substances that has been presented to the HOD community.

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What is the difference between Catalytic Activated Carbon and Standard Activated carbon found in Water filters?

Catalytic Carbon has a surface activation process that changes the surface of the material. It does not change the core of the carbon. The catalysing process can be applied to carbon in all its raw forms including coke, anthracite, graphite and charcoal.

Activated Carbon absorbs impurities and is efficient because of its enormous surface area but requires to be replaced periodically or refreshed by various chemical or heat processes. There are several methods used for activating carbon for it to become Activated Carbon whereas Catalytic Carbon has a surface preparation performed on it and this is performed through a single simple process. 

Catalytic Carbon does not absorb anything, It is a catalyst and so therefore is not consumed in a chemical process.

Catalytic Carbon acts in conjunction with other elements and provides an avenue whereby a reaction may occur, normally at reduced energy levels than would normally be experienced through alternative means.

We have used, from time to time, coconut or charcoal based Activated Carbon to transform it to Catalytic Carbon. The resulting Catalytic Carbon is perfectly functional but, I have to stress, Activated Carbon on its own will not have had the required surface treatment applied and so will almost certainly fail to act as a catalyst in the same way as Catalytic Carbon does.

Crushing Catalytic Carbon in an attempt to increase surface area will not increase the activity or effective area of the resulting mass of carbon because the active area of Catalytic Carbon is at its surface, all that would happen is that unactivated surfaces would be exposed that would not have catalytic properties.

A bit of a ramble but I hope this helps.

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