Popular Mechanics has been rather non-receptive to HHO type technology.  But on Mar 30, they ran a story that was fairly positive.

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The company is called HyTech Power Systems.  Their claims seem about the same as a number of other companies that make HHO systems for heavy trucks. 

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Popular Mechanics is owned by Hearst Corp, or it was, all cabal owned. Same as CNN, MSN, CBS, ABC, all owned by club members to brain wash the people and spread lies to you the victim. Best to turn off the TV news and wake up and realize we are all targets of the deeps state, they want us ALL GONE and out of the way. We must fight back till the final battle, before the Millenium of true peace arrives on earth after it is burned up.

We get gains on all diesel and gas engines, if installed correctly and the correct size HHO cell. We have been selling Bob Boyce™ HHO cell designs for 10 years now. HydrogenGarage.com and HydrogenTrucker.com Bob's 1981 Patent, his  sealed, series H2O cell designs was gag ordered, due to proving 120% over unity. He was not allowed to make a water on demand fueled engine. 2.0L gas engine on 2K watts of energy to go 60 MPH

Andrew from Hydrogen Garage. come check us out.


Actually, Hydrogen garage posted a monograph I wrote at;


That is an earlier version.  A more current and comprehensive monograph is posted at:


I wrote both monographs.

I have seen both HydrogenGarage.com and HydrogenTrucker.com.  They seem to be honest web sites. 

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