As everyone on here knows HODINFO has not been as active in the past few years and something about the vibe of the HHO industry has seemed amiss as if there was a "disturbance in the force" so to speak. Today unfortunately I realized why. When life gets busy and new projects pop up you don't get as much of a chance to connect with everyone as much as you would like and you think that when you get time you will touch base. Today I decided to check on Joe Shea as I hadn't heard from him in a long time and he had recently come up in conversation with another member of HODINFO in regards to them wondering when the next HHOGAMES would kick off. When I pulled up the http://www.hhogames.com/ website it was looking as there hadn't been any activity on it in years. So I went to Joe's main business website american-reporter.com/. When I realized his site was down I did a quick search and found this.


"The American Reporter was the first online-only newspaper.[citation needed] It was started in 1995 by Joe Shea, and last published in September 2016, a month before Shea's death. It was published seven days per week as an electronic daily newspaper, cooperatively owned by the writers whose work it featured."

I knew Joe had been sick but I thought he was recovering the last time we talked and this came as a shock. I considered him a friend and was truly saddened at this news.

First off let me tell you about Joe Shea. Joe was a great person a great teller of stories and a great American. I first met him when he joined what was at the time hhoinformation.com now HODINFO.com. When he joined the site he took part in discussions and brought a special element that was very much his own style. You can read his posts here. http://hodinfo.com/forum/topic/listForContributor?user=3pgq8fk5ghe5q

Joe's work was more than just another reporter or another forum member he was a free speech warrior and you have him to thank for the internet not being censored up till now. You can read more about his legal battle to keep free speech free while protecting kids from bad imagery on the internet here. http://itlaw.wikia.com/wiki/Shea_v._Reno . Once you start being vague about what is indecent or wrong then anything can be those things. You must be careful who you allow to define these terms because they can change on a whim and your once free speech is now restricted because of those in "Power" Joe was very concerned that this particular law would suppress the free press and other adults partaking in free speech on the internet that one day may be deemed "Indecent or wrong".

Joe was a complex and fascinating individual and I am glad I got to meet him and call him my friend. I found a very nice farewell to Joe here that goes into more detail about his life.


More can be learned about Joe's life here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joe_Shea

Many of you got to meet Joe over the years. Please feel free to recall your time spent with Joe here.

We should all be honored that he chose to take part in this community.

God speed Joe Shea!


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Wow I wish I had met Joe. It makes me think about how the culture can change so quickly in this world when someone passes. I’m going to take a hard look about how I can be better involved in enriching people’s lives. There has been a lot of death in my family and friends’ families lately and it makes me appreciate people more and more. Thank you very much for sharing this Gabet123.

Unfortunately the American Reporter site is down but Joe did write a book that you can download from Amazon. You can get it here https://www.amazon.com/POWER-Story-Cold-Fusion-Shea-ebook/dp/B00M9U...

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