It's been a while since I've heard about resonnance is key to more than 100% efficiency, but I've never seen a HHO setup that uses resonnance, never on youtube, much less one for sale..

With today's arduino and cheap yet powerful electronic components, it seems it would be fairly easy and cheap to set up such a system..

From what I understand, at resonnance, the cell naturally wants to create high voltage..  so you get it free as a by product of resonnance?  it it the case?

Cell will have a point of higher efficiency at a certain frequency. I've not able to verify that, having done test only with fixed frequency PWM ( motor controller ). 

I've never tried to mess with frequency since I thought it was too complex to keep the cell at resonnance, and decided to go with the HV route, with a flyback transformer, as seen in some vids on YT.

Anyone has experience with any of these techniques?

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Square 1 Energy, LLC I know has gotten very close. Check out this device

They mention a little about it here . They did a show years ago on the Smart Scare Crow Show but it looks like it is no longer available to the public.

Also it is shown here

I'm thinking it is not the full featured version but the commercial version.

Here is a screen capture of the show years ago.

Censorship seems to be alive and well as these links are gone.

What tyoe of sensor reading would you have to detect the frequency even if you knew what that was?

Seems like Square 1 Energy LLC still has a web site in operation at  .  The owner of the company is Tim Finfrock.  A few years back, he had booth at the Mid America Truck Show in Louisville KY.  I talked to him for a little bit.  At the time he seemed rather skeptical about any notion of HHO and overunity.  Seemed like a talkative fellow.  If you can contact him,  he might go on for a bit about resonance electrolysis.

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