Not sure how many chances we have to find the guy here but here I go.

I need a sales rep to sell a HydroxyGas system to tradesmen here in Australia... On the phase of R&D still but looking for somebody early enough is probably a good idea.

So yes lost of fun for the one who will get to do this job as my system will be pretty kick ass, tradesmen will LOVE IT.

Get in touch with me on if you are interested or if you know someone.

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Hi Vonz,

    I am very interestes in applying for your sales rep job.  I am not what you would call a greenie but i believe that hho should be powering everything that moves due to the almost zero environmental impact and therefore believe wholeheartedly in this fuel.  Attached is my resume.    

                                              Regards Garry.


Hi Garry

Would you please send me a PDF or other known format file (no idea what adw is, for me it may be a virus) on


Did you ever find anyone? Would you like me to blast this out to the membership?

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