Hodinfo is a use it or loose it platform. We currently have 6.59 Gigs of data. But if it is no longer needed it will go away.

I am involved in many projects other than this one. This system doesn't take a lot of my time but I need to know if this site is still seen as a resource or should I shut it down. Shoot me an email and let me know. I am going to do an experiment and lock the site from outsiders. Only current members will be able to access the data. Also whether or not the site survives is now up to the members. The only way new members will be able to join is if you invite them

I hope everyone is doing well.


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Shut it down. We all move on.

Don't shut it down!  , this is a valuable resource for me, and lots what you need to gabet, but please keep this forum up and running. Thanks again


Don’t shut it down if you can help it. If nothing else it’s a great resource

I don't use it at all, since I also have irons in other fires, and have pretty much lost interest in hydrogen.

Thanks for asking.

David E. Gregory

I still dabble in HHO, but am very busy with life. It’s nice to know I have access to a group of likeminded individuals. Once gas prices rise interest in this site will too. Keep it going.
Btw. Thanks for putting it together.
I still read through this some. I'm not running hydrogen but not to say I won't one day. I'm not really in a position to play with it right now living away from home with my work, but in a few years, I would like to. It would be good to still have this around. Thanks for the site.

Hey Gabet 123

     I can't say for others but I do look in here from time to time. So if it ain't a lot work please keep it up

Thanks Gordon Babcock

I follow what is being posted although my knowledge is rather small on this subject i care for the future of HHO usage in this way

Yes I read sometime interesting things, but I have no time to experiment myself    :(

But very usefull site. Thanks for that ;)

Yes keep up the good work

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