Hodinfo is a use it or loose it platform. We currently have 6.59 Gigs of data. But if it is no longer needed it will go away.

I am involved in many projects other than this one. This system doesn't take a lot of my time but I need to know if this site is still seen as a resource or should I shut it down. Shoot me an email and let me know. I am going to do an experiment and lock the site from outsiders. Only current members will be able to access the data. Also whether or not the site survives is now up to the members. The only way new members will be able to join is if you invite them

I hope everyone is doing well.


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These are all our members in Brazil.

Thomas Tschoepke Soares said:

I did start and engage on conversations here about HHO but always at some point the stream stops and people do not answer any more messages...  It seems to me that either the level of the conversations become to hight or people do not want to keep sharing his/her knowledge.

After more then 20 years playing with HHO it is my understand that the principal problem is how to full the ECU, not how to produce HHO. And this process of modifying the signs from the lambda sensor, MAP/MAF, etc... vary a lot from country to country as fuel and factory configurations of the ECU vary a lot. So for me living in Brazil it would be very useful to find other Brazilians here in this forum...

Anyhow, please do continue the good work here !!

Superb !!!!

Will try contact each and everyone...

It is a valuable site with very selected grup of persons sharing knowlegdge about hho, devices and technologies, please mantain this site if is possible, or your possible migration to other website / hosting with the same enviroment and domain.

Best regards and  goog luck.

Leandro Rache

You don't escape so easily young Gabet123. The HOD force is stronger than your petty Earthman wishes!


I like this forum cause there's not too much noise.. if any.. no trolls or disinfo.. I feel confident sharing info here, without the feeling of being watched or something bad will happen to me if I share too much..  I'm not in that position, but It's always someting I'm cautious about..

What I would like to see is more participation and widespread use of this forum.. 

All HHO guys should come here and share.. This should be the number one place for Open Source HHO info sharing.

Prehaps some publicity should be needed in order to add traffic to this forum.

I like the fact that it's not flooded in many other New Energy / Free energy topics, like on Energetic Forum and It helps to keep the focus and get things done..

I know there's a lot of other new energy tech comming, but none are more "usable" than HHO.

One thing I would like to see improved here on HOD INFO is that there are, in my opinion, way too many topic subdivisions.

One should think about a way to present the information, including pictures and vids, in a way that is more attractive and simple, much like the way social media like facebook and instagram present the info.. I know this is the complete opposite of this site here, but this is a main isssue in my view, along with more traffic and participation..

All in all thank you for the good work.

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