HODINFO is a collaborative think tank. We are an International group comprised of inventors, scientist, mechanics, tinkerers, fabricators, and out of the box thinkers. Our mission is to find innovative solutions to the problems that primarily limit the production and delivery of H2. As the world wakes up to the idea of using hydrogen it also becomes clear that immense infrastructure initiatives will be required to make it happen. If adequate solutions can be found to support HOD systems then the world can remove great and costly limitations on future applications. It is important to realize that the future is not just Hydrogen, it's Hydrogen-on-Demand.

Please use this forum to notify us of any suspicious activity. Please include a link to the member profile that is spamming along with what they sent you that you feel is spam.We will look into it and take appropriate action.

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We prevented one known spammer from joining today.

Interesting that I should get the e-mail for this forum about spammers just seconds after I made this post at LiveScience.com.

>>>"Dear spammer, we all hope you will walk in front of a bus soon. We all hate you, your family and your pets. If we knew where you were we would hire the local street gang to come after you...."

We prevented 2 spammers from joining this past week.

We prevented a spammer from joining today.

We blocked a known spammer from joining today.

We blocked a very persistent spammer from joining today.

We removed a spammer from the network today. He was not very sophisticated.

Busted a spammer the moment he tried to spam us.

We busted a spammer today. They were rather unsophisticated.

David thanks for the heads up on Augustin Aziankou being a spammer. His account has been deleted. I am also going to deleted the copy of the spam that you copied into this alert system so none of our members are exposed to it.

We busted one spammer today and prevented another known one from joining.

Wow just blocked another one! I guess we are getting popular.

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