Come one, come all,  to the  2017 Tesla Tech Conference in New Mexico in 20 days from now.
At the 10 story Albuquerque Embassy Suites . 17th annual summer event.  T-shirts

JULY 26th  - 29th 2017

Bob Boyce™ the guy who started this HYDROXY GAS forum in 2006 will be speaking at 4 PM
on July 28th, in Albuquerque , New Mexico eat the TESLA TECH CONFERENCE.

Hydrogen Garage will have a table set up with HHO cells, Battery Smackers, Water Smackers,
EFIE circuits for saving fuel, Diesel FUELZIER, Buddy's FUel Vaporizer and Buddy will be there!

Home of the "Albuquerque Turkey" :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PpYdNv0XDE

Four days of talks from all these speakers :


Wednesday·   July 26, 2017
Wednesday (Jul 26) | Thursday (Jul 27) | Friday (Jul 28) | Saturday (Jul 29) | Sunday (Jul 30)
Morning/Afternoon: Registration Begins
Evening: Conference Begins

--- Conference Session 1 ---
An ExtraOrdinary Revelation
5:00pm: George Wiseman - Brown’s Gas (HHO) Health Applications
7:00pm: Conference Evening Social

Thursday · July 27, 2017
Wednesday (Jul 26) | Thursday (Jul 27) | Friday (Jul 28) | Saturday (Jul 29) | Sunday (Jul 30)

--- Conference Session 2 ---
ExtraOrdinary Health Issues
8:00am: Suchinta Abhayaratna - Creative Holistic Integration Torus Mandala...
9:30am: Aeron Goldheart - Tesla Subtle Energies for Living Systems
11:00am: Byington Sims - The Medicine of the Future: The Galvanic Bath

--- Conference Session 3 ---
ExtraOrdinary Energy Technology
1:00pm: Thad Mauney, PhD - Open Sys Thermodynamics & Free-Energy Devices
2:30pm: Bill Alek - The Physics of FREE Energy/Overunity Transformers
4:00pm: Russel Anderson - Beamships, the Biefeld Brown Effect, and Warp Drive

--- Conference Session 4 ---
7:00pm: Michael Leas - “Exploring the Force” for Unlimited Power
8:00pm: Conference Evening Social

Friday · Jul 28, 2017
Wednesday (Jul 26) | Thursday (Jul 27) | Friday (Jul 28) | Saturday (Jul 29) | Sunday (Jul 30)

--- Conference Session 5 ---
ExtraOrdinary Health Technology
8:00am: Jere Rivera-Dugenio PhD - Scalar Vortex Energy and Plasma Gas Therapy
9:30am: Glen Rein - Informative Medicine: EM Info Transfer between Biomolecules
11:00am: Sandra Rose Michael DNM - EE System Bio-Active Scalar Generator

--- Conference Session 6 ---
ExtraOrdinary Energy Technology
1:00pm: Moray King - Harvesting Plasmoid Energy
2:30pm: David vonOhlerking - HHO Technology for Backyard Mechanics
4:00pm: Bob Boyce - Battery Smacker, Scalar Fields, and Nikola Tesla

--- Conference Session 7 ---
7:00pm: Carolyn McMakin - Extraordinary Resonance Effects in Clinical Practice
8:00pm: Conference Evening Social

Saturday ·   Jul 29, 2017
Wednesday (Jul 26) | Thursday (Jul 27) | Friday (Jul 28) | Saturday (Jul 29) | Sunday (Jul 30)

--- Conference Session 8 ---
Vibrational Technology...
8:00am: Cameron Rebigsol - How ... Physics Can Endorse Quasar Behaviors
9:30am: Mike Twichell - Aether Matters!
11am: Rhetta Jacobson - Harnessing Vortexian Mechanics

--- Conference Session 9 ---
Examining ExtraOrdinary Technology
1:00pm: Vendors - Vendor Showcase
2:30pm: Dannel Roberts - Visible Light and Plasma
4:00pm: David Pantone - The ExtraOrdinary GEET Fuel Processor

--- Conference Session 10 ---
7:00pm: John Rahart - ORMUS/ORMES/ M-STATE... Same Stuff... Different Names
8:00pm: Conference Evening Social

Sunday ·   Jul 30, 2017
Wednesday (Jul 26) | Thursday (Jul 27) | Friday (Jul 28) | Saturday (Jul 29) | Sunday (Jul 30)

--- Conference Session 11 ---
ExtraOrdinary Challenges
8:00am: Allen Adkins - The Cosmology of Walter Russell
9:30am: Darren Colomb - Walter Russell's New Science of Tomorrow
11:00am: Suzanne Price - Tesla’s Technology Secrets and Human Quantum Potential

TeslaTech, LLC reserves the right
to make changes to this tentative schedule without notice.

Albuquerque Embassy Suites
$99 per night, double rooms
Large Free Breakfast
Free cocktail hour at 4pm.
Plus Vendors
Hydrogen Garage will be there with
Displays of H2O fuel cells and
Water Smackers* Battery Smackers
Diesel Fuelizer., Peter Docken will show as well.
Buddy's Fuel Vaporizers with Buddy showing up!
Fuel Saving Circuits from Darol Mason
Volo Performance. PWM's PWM3G
Ormuis Gold
Tesla Healing Devices.
Tesla T-shirts
Health products
Healing devices.

Also NOTE* the COFE conference will be going on at the same time. Two conferences in one!



This retired DOD lab scientist with advanced research into quantum physics and chemistry, delves into Tesla’s non-hertzian energy. He has been involved in this science for decades, using it to develop many technologies. With Andrew Batty of Hydrogen Garage, he introduced the Battery Smacker, which blends non-hertzian energy with traditional electromagnetic energy to charge and desulphate lead/acid batteries. It allows the mix of energies to be adjusted. Good for anyone that wants to desulphate their batteries or experiment with non-hertzian energies. His current efforts are focused on a Bandolero class race car (700lb. single seater electric car with 12" tires) that never needs plugging in to re-charge the lithium batteries. Tapping into longitudinal energy fields, it will require no charging!! No need to plug it in! Bob is well prepared for an extensive question and answers segment about
many topics. He was an avid student of the Colorado Springs Notes and could understand Tesla’s handwriting. While Tesla left out many items in his patents (like all patentors usually do), Bob figured many of them out. A practical application of his studies is the receiver of a standard Tesla Coil.
While there a lot of Tesla coil builders, about 95% of the people who build Tesla coils do not know they have a mini radiant wireless energy power plant. To utilize this energy, they just need to build the receiver, a feat that Bob has already mastered!

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399 for tickets sheesh!!

Some guys come and do not buy a ticket and just hang out in the lobby and talk. Booths in the lobby. The Tesla Tech Group pays $99 per night and they feed you. Free large breakfast ( all yuo can eat) and a free cocktail hour with more food and later on at 7 pm Tesla Tech pasta feed. Meet really cool people. You can meet all the people and stll buy books, DVD, t-shirts, etc.

Albaqurce, New Mexico July 26 - 29 2017

$400 for a conference, ... uh,... you don't go to many technical conferences, do you?

Jeremy Dukes said:

399 for tickets sheesh!!

Jeremy Dukes said:

399 for tickets sheesh!!you

What do you mean, "sheesh".   Take a typical engineering conference,  the SAE Commercial Engineering Vehicle Conference,  COMVEC17 which is going to be held at Crowne Plaza Chicago O'Hare Hotel & Conference Center on September 18-20.   Early registration for full conference  package:  SAE members:  $1,225.   non-menbers:  $1,325.

I think Tesla-Tech is a great idea even though much of it contradicts the conventional rationale.  It deserves credibility and equivalence to any other scientific or engineering venue for presentation of the latest information.

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