I am just wondering if any colleagues have experimented with using ultrasonic energy on their cell constructions.

I have been experimenting with a small system and it seems to excite the plates / electrolysis process. I find this very interesting because it seems to me that it may be a away of adding kinetic energy to the process of splitting water.

I understand that water molecules have their own frequency and that this is very high indeed. I also know that there are commercial companies hitting water with an awful lot of ultrasonic energy in order to try to rip water molecules apart.

How about using ultrasonics to assist the process of electrolysis in order to reduce the energy required to achieve a reasonable HHO production.

I'm currently looking at four 50watt 40khz ultrasonic transducers to try with my wet cell. I can't see why they could not be used with a dry cell apart from the physical problems but they just need a bit of thought.

Has anyone else tried this?

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Infared Theory

Molecular vibrations

As stated earlier that molecular vibrations (vibrational modes) consist of stretching and bending modes. A molecule consisting of n atoms has in total 3N degrees of freedom, corresponding to the cartesian coordinates of each atom in the molecule. In a non linear molecule, 3 of these degrees of freedom are rotational, 3 are translational  and the remainder is fundamental vibrations. In a linear molecule, there are 3 translational  degrees of freedom and 2 are rotational. This is because in a linear molecule, all of the atoms lie on a single straight line and hence rotation about the bond axis is not possible. Mathematically the normal modes for a linear and non linear  can be expressed as

  Linear Molecule         - (3N - 5) degrees of freedom

Non Linear molecule  - (3N-6) degrees of freedom

making some sense from the above information, let us consider a H20 molecule which is a non linear molecule  due to the uneven distribution of the electron density. O2 is more electronegative than H2 and carries a negative charge, while H has a partial postive charge. The total degrees of freedom for H20 will be

3(3)-6 = 9-6 = 3 degrees of freedom which corrrespond to the followng stretching and bending vibrations. The vibrational modes are illustrated below

Diagram of Stretching and Bending Modes of H20


Symmetric Stretch           Asymmetric Stretch          Bending

CO2 is a linear molecule and thus has the formula (3N-5). It has 4 modes of vibration (3(3)-5). CO2 has 2 streching modes, symmetric and asymmetric. The CO2 symmetric strectch is not IR active because there is no change in dipole moment because the net dipole moments are in opposite directions and as a result, they cancel each other. In the Asymmetric strectch one O2 atom moves away from the C atom  and generates a net change in dipole moments and hence absorbs IR radiation at 2350cm-1. The other IR absorption occurs at 666 cm-1.

Good Morning to all

I also am in the process of trying to us ultrasonics to help with the dissociation process .i should have some preliminary results in a few weeks !!!


I have used an ultrasonic transducer to produce an aerated water vapor and then sent that vapor to high voltage plasma to produce hydrogen and oxygen gases. More of the gases produced are in a monatomic free-radical state, increasing the effective energy yield. This is a better way to go. You are essentially atomizing the water and then performing electrolysis.

Hi Martin, 

Using a wet cell would be a better choice for ultrasonics..  I had this idea when I noticed that my cell was producing fog under certain conditions.. my idea is one could use the plates themselves as an ultrasonic transducer. With the right conditions and frequency, electrodes could produce fog, wich is just as combustible as gasoline when combined with HHO gas.. 

My next cell design is with overhanging plates, cast in epoxy in a wet cell. This way they'll be free to vibrate and more likely to create resonance. 

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