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A new member .

After having pent some time looking into fuel vapor systems and water foggers ,  I decided to venture into trying out HHO .

I am running my maiden trips on my spiral unit - low LPM just to test on standard ECU without any modes.Subaru Legacy 2.5 NA (non-turbo)

I have a few questions which I am hoping some more experienced members can offer some degree of clarity .

1) Entry point to use for HHO into engine.

a- Air intake

b- T-into PCV input to allow Mani vacuum to pull HHO gas into engine inlet branch .

Note in my case the MAP sensor is between the throttle body and Pcv input .

2) With pcv inlet pipes from either side of the engine drawing air into crank case from the Air box ,  - would this not pull HHO into the crank , through the engine back up to PCV input .

3) With higher LPM outputs what happens to long downhills where the foot is not on the pedal - would this cause any HHO build-up .

4) Can a stand-alone HHO system improve the milage without and ECU tampering ?

I am assuming if one looks at LTFT's one can gauge in percentage the fuel saving ?

Thanks in advance.


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Sorry, I'm a bit confused at the modifications you've made/reversed.  I mean I don't quite understand the setups youve tried to describe. 

you made a fuel vaporizer?  got pictures? that should go straight through a flashback arrestor into the intake manifold.  fuel vapor will displace the air, and when the o2 sensor sees a fuel-rich exhaust, it should trim back injector pulse durations to compensate.

tyre pump - you're forcing air into(through?) a bubbler to encourage vaporization? the valve should be between the vessel and where it goes into the engine - this way you can control the delivery of the vapour

If anything, I'd put an ultrasonic water fogger's output between the throttle body and MAF sensor rather than into the air box itself, again with the valve on the output...

Its possible the Air sensor is either dirty or Faulty/other,but Ecu works though Lol,Have you unplugged the AF sensor to run default settings with HHO?? 

Good point about a dirty MAF sensor! They do develop a glaze over time that hinders accurate measurement, especially if you live anywhere that’s generally humid.

The bonus about cleaning it (use the right stuff!!) is that it calls for the battery to be disconnected, which means that the computer will go into “re-learn” mode that sets a basis for future adjustments.


If I place a map enhancer in Map sensor , what happens if the HHO stops working during travel.

Can I use a MAP enhancer to try out while HHo is switched off ?

Will I be able to lean out the mixture before switching on the HHO or Fuel vaporizer  ?

The ECU continually adjusts to sensor inputs, so it will compensate in all of the cases you mention, or try to (and fail and light the Check Engine- the code will be enlightening, and give you an idea of where to start)

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