Hi      I have posted this blog before. I have a 2.7 Turbo charged Mercedes-Benz diesel and trying like crazy to put HHO. On my rig it's a 2007 five wire wideband. I have an 8 x 8 14 plate five neutral each cell. two bubblers. I have a VOLO chip on it.  It is a sprinter Van 2007 I have.HH0 injected before the air cleaner to dry the H before I put it in the engine. I have not had any luck whatsoever it doesn't decrease my mileage. Or increase it. I usually get about 15 miles to the gallon. I was thinking about using a oxygen sensor extender I don't know if the Volo chip is doing any good maybe I should try a different type of EFIE I know this stuff works but I sure haven't had any luck. If any of you guys know of someone that has use this on a sprinter Turbo please e-mail me or post a blog .  Thank you     Jim   Salem Oregon

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Thanks Doc.

Just wondering if it was an off the shelf item that could be easily bought.

Good on your Bongo van.........

HI Ed, no its not an off the shelf item...just a piece of 1"1/2 plastic waste pipe with an 1"1/4 pipe slipped inside to thicken it ..then file one end rounded with a file ...then 60 degree flared on the other end ...hho feed hose in the middle at a right angle & sits in the middle of rubber boot about 6" pre turbo inlet.


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