Has anyone put the unit(s) on a ford F350 7.3 turbo deisel? Are any additional components needed other than the cells and tubing? How much LPM is required for an increase in hwy driving? I tow a 10k fifth wheel with the truck. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
Dennis in Florida

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Just joined the group. I've installed sevearl units on F-350 with 7.3 turbo. the consistant comments I get from the clients is, smooth running engine, faster throttle respons, pulls easier and 2.5 mpg gain towing a 12K 5th wheel. This is without adjusting the timing, 2.5 lpm is being induced. gdrop me a line I can share what the system looks like and the details of it.

I am also using the same system on a inline 5 cylinder 1985 300SD Benz with great result, this Benz never ran so good, 44pg mix driving.
hi dennis i have the same problem i have a small rv 2.7 turbo diesel 5 wire wide band oxgen sensor i know you need a EFIE look on ebay under hho find out how many wire you have on your o sensor.start out with .05lph per liter on your 7.3 use a pulse with modulator i want to get bigger motor home maybe with that ford 7.3 nice catch thanks jim salem ore
Hello Christer, Im started again after a while. On my Suzuki 2.0 diesel I dont get any real gains on 1 lpm but much better cold start and cold engine driving. Im still running on my original alternator and using 16-18 amps. I have tried 44 amps and 2.7 lpm and then the engine raises rpm above 2000 rpm no load. To put a second alternator to this engine is more issue than I thought it would be.... If you got an extra sell then try it (I am begging you) or put your existing sell under more load just temporary, no lights. If your gas pedal does not change under steady driving then there is no gain.. I do not have the guts to try my home heating hho unit inside the car and test it on 44 amps while driving. For you guys with the generators use ATX computer powerpacks. Im using 2 pc and running about 30 - 40 amps on 10.6 VOLTS: There are two issues regarding using powerpacks. Im not a good blogger but if you guys want more info then just ask me. With kind regards. Siggi
I would like to add to the discussion for HHO systems on PowerStroke, Duramax, and Cummins.  If you are able to install an HHO system and get good results you can also pre-heat the fuel to get even more miles to the gallon of diesel.  You can use a Maximo-Diesel RV-3300 to pre-heat your diesel fuel.  If you use during winter months you can insulate the system quite easily.  FYI you can visit www.bestdieselsolutions.com
I would suggest using a CCPWM. To regulate a certain degree of stability. Make sure its before the turbo with a venturi. The cell needs to output at least 2lpm of dry ortho-hydrogen and you should see at least a 25% increase in MPG.
Sorry I also forgot to say you probably should get a flashback arrestor. http://www.jdcproducts.com/


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