I have been experimenting with HHO on a Mitsubishi turbo diesel (3200cc) 2003, 4x4.

I have read on other sites about the dangers of HHO and turbos.

I have been slowly increasing HHO over the last6 months and am up to 1.25 lpm. Whilst I have not seen mileage gains I have found alittle extra power and no black smoke.

To help with the smoke problem i have been using B20 biodiesel for the last 3 months


I have found that the turbo on my 4 x 4 is set at around 18 psi and read recently that at this pressure the max temp in the turbo is around 260 deg celsius. I have an EGT on the exhaust just below the turbo and it has reached a max of 485 deg cels


I have heard that the flashpoint of HHO is 550 deg cels. Can any body confirm these figures??? If correct I believe I will have no problems putting HHO through the turbo in my 4 x 4 

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This is from Wikipedia:

"Oxyhydrogen will combust when brought to its autoignition temperature. For a stoichiometric mixture at normal atmospheric pressure, autoignition occurs at about 570 °C (1065 °F).[3] The minimum energy required to ignite such a mixture with a spark is about 20 microjoules.[3] At normal temperature and pressure, oxyhydrogen can burn when it is between about 4% and 95% hydrogen by volume.[3]"
Thanks for reply Christer
What i would like to know is, if HHO auto ignites at 570 C does this mean that when it is mixed with air does the auto ignition temperature rise as it is "diluted" with the air
If so then that would give further evidence that it is safe to use HHO with turbo's
Hello guyes, Im back again. Im using my egt after the turbo as you are on my Suzuki 2000 tdi.
When I was working as a engine mechanic at sea the max EGT was close to 370 c (normal load) and max 410 - 430 celcius under max load but those egt gauges were close to the exhaust valve on these small 1350 hp motor.
Im looking at an engine test paper now for 54 kwh engine (unnamed engine manufacturer) and there the best consumption is close to 400c then on 220 g/kwh. From my point you are way to high, if I see my egt go to 370c I back off the load on my pedal.
Im sorry that I have not got the time to put my end resaults on my test here on the blog, (Christer). To Grasack regarding HHO and turbos from my point never an issue. I did test my car with my new cell at 2.7 lpm and no sign of trouble, in fact it was the opposite. She did run a litle faster and smother around the 2000 rpm. But on idle she lost few rpm., maybe 20 !! So later I will just keep it around 15 amps in idle and 40 - 60 amps under load. My new second alternator is not yet in the car.... Sorry if Im talking to much.. GOOD LUCK.
HI, turbo diesels need venturi 's to overcome turbo pressure..venturi's cause more vacuum ...zerofossil fuel has a design + how to make it ..it comprises of plastic inch & a half waste pipe about 4" long ...visit his site for details ...goodluck : )


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