In order to make this work you will need skype. You can download it from .

It is free as long as you are going skype to skype and not skype to landline. But even if you do go skype to landline it is still very cheap. Once you have skype one your system encourage all your friends here on HHOINFO to  download it also. You can see if your friend has it by going to their profile and seeing if they have posted it in the profile questions as their Skype ID. Please post your skype ID in your profile also. You can do this by going to the MY-PAGE tab and hovering over it. When you do this you will get a drop down menu. At the bottom of this menu you will need to click on MY-SETTINGS. From their you can add your SKYPE ID. Once you have done these things go ahead and log into your skype software and add your friends IDs to your program. When they come online you can call them and talk. You will need a headset or speakes and a mic. You can get a head set from here .

Skype also supports webcams but they are not required. Skype allows for conference calls but just for audio currently. The webcam service is only for 1 to 1 chats at this time.


You can also send out a message to all the members of this group to let them know when to come online. You do this by clicking the link on the right that says "SEND MESSAGE TO GROUP".


Just be sure to USE HHOINFO OFFICIAL TIME which is posted on the home page on the upper left. HHOINFO official time is based on the Eastern TIME Zone of the USA or (EST).





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If u use laptop u probably don't have to buy microphone and webcam because they ususaly come integrated with laptop.
Headphones are good thing if u use latptop microphone because microphone is sesntitive and will pick up sounds from you laptop speakers

I have experianced this many times with my friends when using voice chat.


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