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Post your HHOINFO ID and your skype ID like this.


HHOINFO- gabet123 Skype- gabet123.





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Ed Grimm         Globalhydrogen
HHOINFO-getbettermpg Skype-rixlum

Include me .

Hawkesbury Hydrogen

fiero1281 is the skype user name

ridgeback24 Skyp - raylads


i an a researcher from india hyderabad....   in dry cell tech i am able to genarate with out heat min 300ml to 50,000. liter of watergas ...huge units fits it a container runs on captive power....gen skype id is ...HHOSYS      kindly add

Skype ID: GPDeRosa

Hi There.


LENR and HOD supplies -hardware and chemicals that are (sometimes) hard to find.

Skype ID: Orbolondon Alan Smith

Geoff-in-oz. Skype name

Skype : broandrew

Owner of and and We are licensed to sell Bob Boyce® H2O water cells and circuits, pwm's toroids, battery smackers, water smackers, etc. 


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