I just built a flat plate HHO Generator with 18 plates [+NNN-NNN+ +NNN-NNN+] It’s performing very well. It reaches steady state at 25A, produces 2 LPM and runs along at 135 degrees. I’m using baking soda at 1.5 teaspoons/gal. I view this as a two cell generator. Each cell consisting of +NNN-NNN+

It occurred to me that instead of using a pulsed wave, I could sequence the cells one after the other, flip flopping between the cells. I'm going to be building a three cell generator with 21 plates [+NN-NN+ +NN-NN+ +NN-NN+] and would like to try sequencing all three cells.

But I’d first like to know if the pulse wave really works. I've spent a lot of time searching YouTube for a test where volume temperature current and dielectric are all documented. Watching bubbles without measuring the volume does not satisfy me. Not knowing the temperature and the current leaves the results ambiguous.

Bob Campbell in Chico, CA

Does anyone have real test results proving that pulsed waves really increase efficiency or is it just hype?

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12-14V DC PWM's do not increase output for the same HHO generator. It just minimizes amp use for the same amount of HHO output.

In regards to your question;
"Does anyone have real test results proving that pulsed waves really increase efficiency or is it just hype? "
The USAF have found the pulsed electrolysis has been found to be 3x more efficient than conventional electrolysis. As for proof, follow the link and read; "D. Results" on page iv (Page 6 of 78). Also Stanley Allen Meyer was granted many patents on the technology. If he was granted the patent then his device did just what it claimed or the patent office would be facing fraud charges for approving it.
Bob, good morning, about your question about pwm, I can tell you:
1 .- I have a year doing industrial equipment for production of HHO.
2 .- The production of HHO is in direct relation to the current (amperes).
3 .- The cell behaves electrically as a capacitor. Therefore, the release of hho is inrelation to the discharge of the cell. In other words you must find a frequency for your cellso that it passes the most current.
4 .- Finally in my case I use three-phase rectified with 6 LEDs for positive and negative.It's the best I've found to my cell of 219 plates.


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