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a group with in HHO-Info for those interested in colaboration with others to design the bigger better deal

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welcome aboard the experimental channel... LOL
we will have fun comparing designs and offering bits of wisdom and support to each other... if someone has a question someone else may have an answer... so remember this is for the furtherment of this technology and above all have respect for one another...

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brown gas generator

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Sequencing cells

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Comment by Alex on September 22, 2009 at 9:43am
I recently heard of a thing for diesel trucks where a propane or natural gas tank is stored in the bed and set up to run the vehicle during low load times, such as when idling. It made me think about HHO. Anyone have an idea on how much HHO it would take to just idle a vehicle? "the average idling car consumes about 0.156 gallons of gas per hour" according to http://www.slate.com/id/2192187/. That's about 0.0026 Gallons of Gas a minute. A gallon of gas has 125000 BTU's of energy so the goal is 325 BUT's a minute. This is where I'm stuck. How many BTU's per liter can I get from HHO?
Comment by Alex on September 21, 2009 at 11:15pm
You are right Flyingdoc...It does make the fuel burn quicker. You are wrong however in assuming that that means more fuel is entering the cylinder at any given stroke. Much of the fuel we use (and pay for) is actually unburned, by burning faster in the cylinder, more fuel is actually ignited and put to work therefore less fuel is lost and wasted. Make sense? An added benefit, some people believe that as HHO burns it turns back into water and takes up space inside the cylinder, effectively raising the compression of the fuel, resulting in more power. Personally I am unsure as to whether there is any truth to that theory, interesting though.
Comment by flyingdoc on May 22, 2009 at 10:26am
when inputting the hho, ive been thinking that if it makes your fuel burn faster..then putting to much hho in will be counter productive ..unless you ease off the gas pedal n let the hho do its work,can someone check me on this theory,coz i'm practical more than technical.
Comment by Eclectic on August 2, 2008 at 10:38am
Lets Get Serious! Designers of HHo units.
Listed here is a web site that is a Electrochemisry Dictionary in the hopes we may all use it to discuss various cell development when engineering/designing a unit for ICE’s . Here is one of many definitions you may find interesting.
“standard hydrogen electrode
The most fundamental reference electrode in electrochemistry. "By definition" its equilibrium potential is considered zero at any temperature, because this electrode was chosen as an arbitrary zero point for electrode potentials. A zero point is needed since the potential of a single electrode cannot be measured, only the difference of two electrode potentials is measurable. All electrode potentials are expressed on this "hydrogen scale". It is a hydrogen electrode with an electrolyte containing unit concentration of hydrogen ions and saturated with hydrogen gas at unit atmosphere pressure. This electrode can be somewhat inconvenient to use because of the need to supply hydrogen gas. Therefore, other reference electrodes (e.g., calomel or silver/silver chloride) are often used instead, but the measured electrode potentials can be converted to the "hydrogen scale". Abbreviated as "SHE". Also called "normal hydrogen electrode".
Strictly speaking, one must use unit activity rather than concentration of hydrogen ions and unit fugacity rather than unit pressure of hydrogen gas.”
I downloaded this web page for reference to WP (word perfect). The web site is:

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