We've all nailed the plate gap and pulsing electronics construction and make some bubbles.  Ok, a start...


I've wound numerous coils to get a step charging effect and more gas with little success.  I'd be interested to share and learn more about this important component of the meyer system.


Any successful stories of working VICs out there that produce KV type pulses is a great start to this discussion.



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hmm the vic is a tricky thing. Mine produces just over 1000volts across my tubes. when i hit resonance a very small stream of gas apears. I'll make a video this week if i can get a hold of my friends scope to measure the voltage.

The best way to start is to have a small water capacitor. like 4" tall and insulated. Mine is almost 3 times that, so it has been difficult to to restrict the amp flow.


Some suggestions,


salvaging inductors is a great way to go, mine are huge to produce the voltage i have and restrict amp flow down to ma. making them by hand is difficult but it can be done.

When your measuring voltage across your cell with a meter you need to attach the ground lead to an earth ground and it will read ac because of the inductors. if you have a scope your good to go.

I can go into more detail about my current set up if you want or if your just looking to get something going look at the schemetic for stans demo still that i posted, you can get kv's with that.





www.markorodin.com check it out. might help with your research.


getting some gas production with Meyer tech!


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