Welcome to the Resonance cell research group. I started this group in hopes of bringing together everyone who wishes to research this theoretical cell design with every bit of information we can find.

I would like to keep this group small to limit off topic chatter, but if you know someone genuinely interested, feel free to invite them.

In the upcoming weeks, I will be posting links to any and all information on the subject I can find.

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We can start by putting some topics up :)
My time is a little hectic right now, but I will within the next week or so. I promoted you to group admin, so feel free to add anything useful.
i belive i have a chip for a pwm that will help us this chip will allow us to swap polarity on the plates on a pulse
we can have a pos and a neg pulse in a cycle this will allow the plates to last alot longer
i will have to find the chip again in my notes if you think it has any marit let me know


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