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i realy belive we have to look at site more
go to this site and get to the home page start from their
The link to DIYAudio ( is filled with both accurate and EXTREMELY inaccurate info.

50Hz is a good freq, coupled with a large DB, but if we're to finesse the molecule into doing its magic dance for us, it's not about POWER.

It's about PERSUASION!

Everything is in waves.

My favorite phrase is "The secret is-there IS no spoon."


~GadgetMan~ said:
My favorite phrase is "The secret is-there IS no spoon. Ron

Internet slang & memes 4life :D
I have 2 references to obtain resonant hho,
1. to produce high voltage with high frequency and maybe high current, the actuals semiconductors dont work with this characteristics, and the triode would be a solution.
2. I think that the real resonant effect that meyer work with water is not with a magic resonant frequency of water or some special armonic, the real effect of meyer electrolysis is for acumulative voltage under the cell and the low current of conductivity for it, in this case the sublevels of bond are affected and the break is more easy to the final pulse train. is pure electric effect of RLC circuit in special configuration with LC resonant frequency but it not is the resonant frequency of molecular water.
3. is very important to work with high voltage dielectric separators for to obtain a high efficient resonant hho with low or not current.
4. im working in a teory for a new process called voltrolysis, very similar to meyer patents but with other ideas.

Don Leandro,


Have you made any progress with your voltrolysis concept?


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